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Petham and Waltham News

The Petham and Waltham News Magazine is published 11 times a year. It is distributed at the beginning of the month by a team of volunteers to anyone in the Petham and Waltham area. The cost of the magazine is only £5 / year. Please use this site to complement your printed magazine. If you have any suggestions as to what should be included on this site email:

Contact details, advertising

Snowy Waltham
More snowy Waltham
Summer in Waltham
Summer in Petham
More Waltham
Nailbourne 2014 pics

Waltham Bell ringers
Petham Village Hall Website
Adult Studies PDF, 2015, Petham Village Hall

Community Transport Documents

Canterbury CC rural transport report

A guide to Demand Responsive Transport for rural
Community Transport operators

Hire charges, advice and information

Frequently Asked Questions for Community Car Schemes

Using MPVs and Smaller Vehicles

Passenger transport provided under Section 19 and 22 Permits

Transport for young people in rural areas

A guide to recruiting, training & retaining volunteers
for rural Community Transport operators

Petham Adult Studies:
Flower arranging course resumes March 2012
Improve your computer skills, 22 Feb for 6 weeks

Baby and Toddler group, every Tuesday, PVH
Drop In social afternoon, every Tuesday, PVH
Petham Plan Focus Group

Petham Parish Plan Website
Petham Plan, full Power Point Presentation

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Petham and Waltham Events Diary

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